Apple's iPhone Configuration Utility
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Apple has updated the iPhone Configuration utility to support iOS 5
Additions include:

  • Restrictions
    • Allow Siri
    • iCloud
      • Allow Backup
      • allow document sync
      • Allow Photostream

What is missing?
There are a number of new features in iOS 5 that have an impact on K12 that might be useful to have some control over. For example:
  • Restrict OS updates (currently, updating the OS does not require a password)
  • iCloud email-it is unclear if iCloud is even a supported option for K12, but regardless it presents some things to think about before implementing. There does not apear to be any way to use iCloud without enabling a .me email address on the device. This is an account that would be unfiltered and accessible by any user of the device and schools choosing to enable this should be aware of this.
  • There are no controls for the new messaging application.
  • There are no controls to lock changes to settings for iCloud, email accounts, wireless sync settings or iTunes in the cloud. For example any use with access to the device could enable (or disable) downloading of new apps, ibooks etc.
  • There is no way to enable or disable the find my device feature. While this is a very useful feature, Districts that have initiatives that allow students to take devices home will need to have very clear policies in place for under what circumstances a district staff member can initiate geolocating a device (and a student) .

Other Setting that may be relevant to K12 Districts
  • General->Security: Control when the profile can e removed (always, with authentication, or Never)
  • Restrictions->Allow in-App Purchase
  • Restrictions->Force User to enter iTunes Store Password for all purchases
  • Restrictions->Allow multiplayer gaming
  • Restrictions->Allow adding game center friends
  • Restrictions->Allow Facetime
  • Restrictions->Allow YouTube
  • Restrictions->Allow use of camera
  • Restrictions->Content settings

If you are using a content filtering browser such as mobicip you will have to make the follwoing settings
  • Disallow use of Safari
  • If you allow installing of applications, then you will want to enable content ratings (most alternate browsers have a 17+ rating)