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On 2/1/2011 Apple released an update to the Volume Purchase Program (see This document has been updated to reflect these changes.

On 7/15/2011 Apple announced a new "VPP" program for companies that allows bulk purchase (see This program uses a similar mechanism to the Educational program via redeem codes, but any company or non-profit may participate. There are no discounts in the commercial VPP program.

How Does it Work?

To participate in the program, you or someone from your educational institution must enroll to become a Program Manager. The Program Manager will set up and manage Program Facilitators using provided management tools. A Program Facilitator is anyone in your organization who will redeem Volume Vouchers, buy codes for apps, and then distribute the codes to end users. After purchasing apps in the App Store Volume Purchase Program, the Program Facilitator will receive an email with a link to the Program Facilitator's dashboard, now populated with app-specific codes, one code per license. These codes may then be distributed to end-users for redemption at the App Store. Codes may be distributed via email or other means, at the Program Facilitator's discretion. Similar to the process of redeeming a gift card, the end-user simply enters the code in the App Store "Redeem" page to download the app.

The App Store Volume Purchase Program includes an option that will allow your institution to use one or more iTunes accounts to sync multiple iOS devices. If you elect this optional agreement, Apple recommend that these master iTunes syncing accounts are generic accounts set up by your institution, as opposed to an instructor's personal iTunes account. This will ensure that control of your apps remains with your institution's IT department or similar team, as opposed to with an individual.

Creating the Accounts

Authorized Purchaser(s)
1) The first thing you need is an Apple K12 School Account with one or more Authorized Purchaser Accounts. Some schools may already have one or more Apple K12 School accounts. There may be individual school accounts in addition to an account in the District's name. It may be worth thinking about if you want voucher purchases to go through a District Apple account, or accounts at each individual school.

To check to see if your School/District already has an Apple account, go to
and put in the Zip Code of your school, then search again with the Zip Code of your district office (if it is different)

What if my school/district does not have an Apple K12 School Account?
  • Then your District Purchasing Manager (or similar role) registers for a K12 School Account with the Apple Store via this link:
  • During the signup process, specify the Login ID and Password to use for the Apple Store K12 Account. This needs to be a newly thought-up ID and password, such as DistrictK12Acct / DistrictK12pass, and the email address must not have been used previously for an Apple ID. For example:
  • After the Apple Store K12 Account registration is processed by Apple, then emails the District Purchasing Manager to notify them that the Apple Store access has been approved and the account had been set up. You must have this K12 school account with the Apple Store in place before continuing on to the next step (creating Program Facilitator Accounts)

The App Store Volume Purchase Program Manager is an individual authorized by the institution to manage Program Facilitators.
  • Link to Signup:
  • Apple will approve the Program Manager account within 5 days.
  • Program Manager Account does not have to be a unique email as it can be tied into an existing Apple ID/iTunes account.

The Program Manager must be authorized by your institution to manage program facilitators. The Program Manager will need to provide a contact who can verify that you have the authority to manage program facilitators on behalf of your institution.

Program Facilitators
The Program Facilitator is a new account type for individuals in your institution. The Program Facilitator(s) may redeem Volume Vouchers through the App Store Volume Purchase Program. Program Facilitators may search for apps, and may order apps in variable quantities, up to the current dollar amount credited to their account via redeemed Volume Vouchers. First, some things to think about. Will you have one central Program Facilitator for the district, one per school, or more than one per school?

David Ligon provided his thoughts on this:

"To answer your question about managing multiple Program Facilitator accounts. First I don't know whether it really makes sense to do it that way. It is such a hassle to get the quote, cut the PO, order the Vouchers, etc., that you don't want to be doing this every week. You should plan your bulk purchases ahead of time and maybe submit one big order quarterly or monthly. One person should be able to handle this for a district of virtually any size.

Because all the Program Facilitator account can do is log into the VPP site to generate quotes, and then redeem Volume Vouchers for a downloadable spreadsheet of codes, I don't see a need for multiple staff to be involved in this role. You can't use the Program Facilitator account for iTunes or anything else, so why would many people need to do this? However, assuming that technology software approvals, curriculum adoption processes, and procurements are not centralized through your district office, each school site could have its own Program Facilitator if it so chooses.

Regardless of whether Program Facilitator duties are centralized at the District level or decentralized to schools, they must work in close coordination with the Finance Department. It is because of the close coordination with the Finance Department in our district that I arranged for those codes to be routed directly to me, the Program Facilitator, upon arrival in our warehouse. This allowed us to skip the step in the diagram where the Authorized Purchaser sends the vouchers to the Program Facilitator via internal mail. In addition to serving in the role of Program Facilitator, I also work closely with the Requestor to coordinate the handoff of the spreadsheet of codes after they have been downloaded."

2) To create Program Facilitator Accounts, the Program Manager uses an Apple provided website to create new Program Facilitator accounts. Apple will create a new Apple ID for each Program Facilitator to use exclusively at the ASVPP portal. Existing iTunes/Apple IDs cannot be used within ASVPP. For each Program Facilitator, you will need to provide Apple with a valid email address that is not currently used as an Apple ID. Additionally, the Program Manager web site does not provide the ability to edit or delete an account once it has been created so it is recommended that you create(or have your IT department create)a generic email address (e.g.,or VPP_<schoolname> ) Apple will create a new Apple ID for this email address and email the password to the email address.

Ordering The Vouchers

1) Identifying the Apps and the Amount----The Program Facilitator uses the Search Paid Apps search tool on the VPP site to determine title, current pricing, and any quantity discounts to estimate the total cost of apps, and therefore the amount needed in vouchers. Note that App prices may change between when you calculate the amount you need and when you receive your vouchers and are able to order your apps.
  • You can either compile all of this information in a spreadsheet for your future reference, and send an email with the amount and quantity of vouchers to the "Authorized Purchaser" or
  • Log in to the Apple store to create a quote for vouchers and email it to the Authorized Purchaser as shown in the following four screen shots





2) Placing the Order: Each district may have a different process for placing orders via Purchase Order but one example might be:
  • District Purchasing Manager creates a Purchase Order reflecting the details and the amounts from the VPP Quote info provided by the Program Facilitator.
  • The "Authorized Purchaser" then signs into this link: and selects the type of Volume Voucher and quantity, for example "Volume Voucher $100 (Apple MPN : MC758LL/A)". Note that there are various denominations available to choose from: $100, $500; $1,000; $5,000; $10,000. After clicking Continue, there is a place to enter a purchase order number and shipping info.
  • The "Authorized Purchaser" receives an Acknowledgment email from the APPLE STORE ( shortly afterwards confirming the order, and providing details on the purchase.
  • Vouchers will arrive via U.S. Postal mail in 3-5 business days; or via FedEx
  • Deliver the vouchers to the Program Facilitator

Redeeming The Vouchers for App Codes

1) Once the Program Facilitator has the vouchers, they can go to the volume purchase store at and click redeem voucher to add funds to their account.

Vouchers are redeemed by entering the 16 digit code on the back of the voucher
2) To purchase App codes, Search for the Apps you want to purchase

3) Change the quantity (note this app has a volume discount for quantities of 20 or more, not all Apps are discounted)

4) Buy the App and complete the transaction or purchase more Apps.

5) Once you have purchased the App codes you will receive an email


6) Log in to your Program Facilitator account and click the download link to retrieve a spreadsheet of codes


Redeeming the Codes for Apps
Notes: We will keep the spreadsheet for audit purposes, but at this point don't intend to activate any more than one of the 20 licenses we got today from Apple, based on deployment scenario 8a in the VPP diagram. It is also important to point out we purchased the upwardly compatible iPhone version (instead of the iPad HD version) to give us maximum flexibility to load on our iPod touches or iPad's from the single account.

You can redeem a code at the iTunes Store by following these instructions:
1. Open iTunes.
2. Click iTunes Store in the pane on the left-hand side of the window.
3. Click the Redeem link in the Quick Links box on the right-hand side of page.
external image HT1917_5-en.png
4. Enter your code.
5. Click the Redeem button and download the app